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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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in oakland tonight, the rock ridge bart station is closed right now because of a body that was found on the tracks. all trains are being stopped now at that station. rock ridge in oakland. no bus bridges are being provided at this time. we will have more for you as soon as we receive more information. and developing news, another death at a state hospital where staffers have been threatened, attacked and even killed. tonight employees tell us they feel at risk again this time following the death of a patient there. johnal -- john alston is live
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in napa. >> there are concerns about possible retaliation against staff members after a patient died while being subdued. we are finding out this incident happened on monday afternoon between 5:00 and 6:00 in a high security section cur under roughed by fencing and wire. it is an area people judged incompetent to stand trial are housed. 47-year-old william robling was subdued after he attacked another patient. the staff per rm toed cpr, but he died here at the hospital, and now staff members are worried what other patients might do. >> there is some individuals, some of the patients who are threatening other staff because one of the patients died. patients and staff are both really worried. they are scared. they are scared that something else is going to happen. >> today noreen evans and
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michael alan sent a letter saying this on going situation is unacceptable and deadly. more than 80% of those being treated at state hospitals arrive at these facilities through the criminal justice system. it is time we have laws, regulations and on site practices employed that reflect this new reality. they held several protests demanding more police officers , campus wide alert system and more staffing. that follows the killing six months ago of a psychiatric technician who was attacked by a patient and another patient attacked someone in december, and now this incident on monday. it is unclear how this patient died yesterday. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. we attempted to reach hospital officials for aent which from them. but we are told to call back tomorrow morning. live at napa state hospital, johnalston. >> the highway patrol suspects drinking and driving caused this car to plunge off highway
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one near bodega bay. three people including a small child are in the hospital with serious injuries. the car went off a cliff 100 feet above the beach. officers arrested the driver at the hospital in santa rosa. police from california to new york are now investigating a man they believe is a serial killer. 77-year-old scwoa 7nasso is in the marin county jail for the murders of four northern california women decades ago. that homicide case has been a year in the making. more tonight from abc7's mark matthews. >> when he was formally charged with murder in superior court on wednesday, it will be exactly one year to the day since his arrest at his home in reno in 2010. >> during that arrest investigators found items by mr. nasso that implicated him in multiple murders of young women. >> they said the victims are redene whose body was found in
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1977, carmen cologne whose body was found in 1978 and tam law parsons and tracy defoya, both found in yuba county, parsons in 1993 to foya in 1994. the d.a. hold abc7 that they found toe toes and writings that tied nasso to the killings. we know the self-employed photographer was on probation from a theft conviction, and when his parole officer visited nasso at his house, he found the 77-year-old with a gun, and that was enough to send him to jail for the past year. >> marin county sharive are detectives arrested nasso in south lake tahoe on monday upon his released from theal dorado county jail where he was in custody over the past year on unrelated charges. >> the first of four victims was found along sir francis drake boulevard. she was 18-year-old roxan from oakland.
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and although it did not come up in today's press conference, investigators couldn't help but notice that each of the victims had the same double initial, roxenin-rogash, carmen cologne. now authorities in rochester, new york are looking at a series of unsolved murders there with the seam characteristic. -- same characteristic. nasso grew up in the rochester, new york area. though he moved west in 1969, authorities believe he likely went back to rochester from time to time. but tonight joseph nasso is facing charges from just the four murders in california. >> he will be presented with a criminal complaint when he appears and lists the four charges, the four murder counts, and each carrying a special circumstance for multiple murder. >> that means the district attorney will be going for the death penalty. if convicted he is due to be arraigned on the charges tomorrow afternoon in
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department f of marin county superior court. president aring from san rafael, abc7 news. >> the district attorney's office says a 16-year-old found dead in a home in san francisco's silver terrace neighborhood was shot. he was 16. san francisco police first went to the house on casada avenue when someone reported that he killed himself. >> there was some kind of petroleum and kerosene and gasoline and some type of fluid that was at the scene. it was sufficient enough that it caused the neighborhood to smell like a fluid. >> the district attorney's office filed charges today against two of the five teenage suspects. zang attended thurgood mar -- marshall high school. they were described as acquaintances. they are considering pooling their resources to form a single fire department.
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two of the cities discussed ho you a merger could affect response times and jobs. alan wang is live at mill gray city hall for us -- millbrae city hall for us. >> carolyn, two big decisions for san bruno and millbrae. both city councils decided to go ahead with a plan that would merge their fire departments. the san bruno pipeline explosion had many city councilmembers questioning how a merger with millbrae's fire department would affect response times. >> how would this merger impact a place like san bruno. >> very minimal. san mateo county is bawivegly consolidated -- basically consolidated as far as service. we train together from foster city to san bruno. >> the son sol dation would -- consolidation would save $230,000 for san bruno and $375,000 for millbrae taxpayers. each city would close down one fire station and a new one would be built somewhere in
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the middle. >> if there is a little way to save a little money and take care of citizens the way we have been taking care of them, the same way or even better, then it is a no brainer for me. >> the merger would make san bruno and millbrae part of the central county fire department which already includes hillsboro and burlingame. >> weary illuminating some position is -- position thriewz attrition. nobody would be losing their job. >> the consolidation is estimated to save burlingame $546,000 a year and $364,000 annually for hillsboro. >> it just makes a whole lot of sense. it makes a whole lot of sense for the four cities and possibly more cities down the road. >> the firefighters have different bargaining agreements which means it could take some time to get all of those firefighters on the same page. last night hillsboro agreed to move ahead with the plan. next week burlingame will decide. reporting live in mill -- millbrae, alan wang, abc news. we have an update on our
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breaking news in oakland. trains are being allowed to pass through the rock ridge station now, but they are not stopping there for pick ups and dropoffs. that station was closed because a body was found on the tracks. at this point there is no bus bridge in place, but at least trains are now moving through that station. the san jose city council failed to pass a package of new laws designed to regulate medical marijuana in the city. after spending four hours on the issue they approved new zoning regulations caping the number of dispense res at 10. there are currently more than 100 spread around the city. then they voted against a set of new regulations. the issue is expected to come back up again next week. the jury in the barry bonds perjury trial is headed into a noter -- fourth day of deliberations. they spent six hours behind closed doors without reaching a verdict. the jury must decide whether bonds is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt on each of the four counts. he is charged with lying to a grand jury when he denied he
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knowingly used steroids and human growth hormone. governor brown signed a new law that requires california's utilities to get a third of their power from renewable sources by the end of the decade. he also poked fun at his own image. >> i dent get my name, "governor moon beam" for nothing. i earned it. by advocating ideas not popular. >> the previous goal was 20% of power from renewable sources. the bill signing took place today at the grand opening of the sun power flextronics solar panel plant in milpitas. they announced tts contributing more than a billion dollars to a huge network of solar panels on the coast. that facility will generate enough power for 60,000 homes. still ahead tonight, video of the runway tap that turned around a whole plane full of people. and the people who say giving these kids a place to catch
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some air would put their homes at risk. and then later president obama agrees to one more favor for his friend, oprah.
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a project that divided the city of fremont for more than a year got the go ahead from the city council. but that decision may not be the end of the controversy. as lisa amin gulezian reports, opponents are now considering a lawsuit. >> skateboarding isn't just a sport. for skaters in fremont, it is a way of life. but their lifestyle is missing one crucial element, a skate park. >> we have spots like this where we skate, but there are signs up that says we can't, so we are risking getting tickets. there is no real legal place for us to skate. >> now the city of fremont wants to give skaters this, a state-of-the-art skate park next to an existing water park on paseo padre parkway. >> i am not pleased at all. >> he hates the proposed site. he lives across the street from it. >> there could be more graffiti.
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they could actually stay and watch the house across the way and wait for people to leave and then break in the houses. >> just because skaters will be there doesn't mean it will bring crime or anything else. >> city leaders listened to the back and forth tonight. park opponents want the new skate park here, a mile away from their homes and closer to the department. -- police department. >> skateboard parks have increased the call due to injury to skaters and graffiti and violation of the time limit at parks. >> but the planners say the location is perfect. >> making it close to a water park ind could of high -- highlighted the both of them a little more. >> we are for the park, my son, my wife. go skateboard park. >> they voted unanimously in favor of the location. construction will begin in april 2012. but opponents say it is not
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over. they are considering legal action to stop the project. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. many airports are reexamining how much elbow room they give the world's large -- largest passenger airliner. this shows what happened at john f. kennedy international last night. the wing smashed into the tail of a comair regional jet of the. >> it was like this. >> and then it stopped. the pilot was putting the brakes on a bit too quick. >> nobody on either plane was injured. the f.a.a. requires quiter taxi ways at airports with the new generation of super jumbo jets. but j.f.k. never widened its taxi ways. they received a waiver to host the a380 and boeing's new 7478 as long as certain procedures are followed. it is awfully chilly out
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there. let's check in with sandhya patel. >> well, the cold and the wind tonight is going to give way to wet weather tomorrow morning. first thing we will see a few showers. let me show you a view from the sutro camera. it was a beautiful day. you can see the clouds going in different directions. it was a windy one as well. sunset at 7:43. the clouds are still out there and we will be seeing rain soon. temperatures in the 40s, but combine it with the wind and 20 and 30 miles an hour over the ocean water and it is feeling colder outside. showers for the morning commute. clear and breezy in the afternoon, and we are looking at warmer weather thursday through saturday. temperatures have been nowhere near where they should be for this time of year. here is a case in point. take a look at some of the cities with tomorrow's high temperatures compared to average. santa rosa 62 degrees for your wednesday. average is 69. so 7° below normal. livermore is expected to come in 11° cooler than the average
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of 71. and you look at san jose and typically 70° tomorrow and it is only going to be 62. 8 degrees below average. we will finally warm back up, but not until the weekend. let me show you the satellite and the radar. here is the system that will produce some showers. it will all start first thing in the morning. look for a few clouds out there. tomorrow morning at 5:00 we will start to notice a couple showers developing for the morning commute. as the commute goes on, the rainfall starts to increase. by 10:00 a.m., widespread light rainfall is expected along this cold front. rainfall totals are not expected to be high. as a matter of fact, anywhere from about .05 to a quarter of an inch of rain expected with this system. excuse me. i have bad allergies here. temperatures in the 40s and we will see a few showers out there very light in the morning, and as you look at the high temperatures wednesday in the low 60s.
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62 degrees in san jose, campbell. on the peninsula you are looking at 53 in pacifica. a cold, windy afternoon. upper 50s for redwood city, san mateo. downtown san francisco, 57 degrees. a chilly day in daily city with the -- daly city with the breeze. 52 at bodega bay and 62 in santa rosa. east bay communities upper 50s for oakland and san leandro. inland areas in the low 60s once again, nowhere near where you should be for this time of year, and around the monterey bay, 62 degrees in santa cruz and morgan i'm hill. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. morning showers giving way to a dry afternoon. thursday is dry. by friday we start to see a chance of a few showers developing in the north bay again. and you will notice the temperatures are coming back up to near average or above average in some instances. temperatures in the low to mid70s in the warmest locations taking us into the weekend and into early next week. nice looking weather.
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>> thank you, sandhya. still ahead, state lawmakers use an 80s one hit wonder to prove they can overcome their differences. that and more when we come back.
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lady michelle have agreed to appear on one of the final episodes of the oprah winfrey show. winfrey campaigned for the president in his run for the white house and raised millions of dollars. the white house says the obamas will tape the show in two weeks. it will air on may 2nd here on abc7. state lawmakers wanted to prove they could work together, and they did it with song, sord of. >> you wouldn't get it from any other guy. >> want to tell you how i am feeling. >> i will never let you down. >> we are not going to run around and desert you. >> a dozen lawmakers worked the lyrics from rick astley's hit "never going to give you up" into their comments on the state house floor and together they edited a video and posted it to video on april fool's day. it was this guy's idea, jefferson smith. he says he wanted to bring
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people to politics with something fun instead of driving them away. no word on whether that succeeded. unusual plan. >> sounds like they just stole astley's lyrics. funny. in sports, the dodgers got to tim lincecum, but the giants find a way to grind it out with timmy making plays on
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a rollercoaster ride for the giants tonight up and down and up again against the dodgers pretty much all nightlong. it was bookended by tim lincecum and brian wilson. giants and dodger fans can get along. there is proof. 1-0 l.a. brandon belt boots the taper and a score on the error. 2-0 l.a. the former interest >>- q. going down the line with a lincecum fast ball. wind was gusting 25 miles an
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hour and carried to the wall. 3-0 dodgers and you think, oh no. giants answer with two in the bottom of the half. belt scores from second and game tied at three. 3 for 4 in the game and r.b.i single in the fifth and scores rowan. 4-3 san francisco. 6th inning and lincecum, and this is just natural uh bill tee -- ability here. talent and speed and cat-like quickness to run down the ball and throw out ethier. lincecum was pulled after 5 and a third. mark times off affeld. high, deep and aloha. rowan leads off the bottom of the seventh with a triple and then a gift. courtesey of the wild pitch and rowan scores. brian wilson in to record his first save of the year. strikes out carol and wilson looking like he is back. and this is a very goodwin for the giants after the way they have been going lately. 5-4 the final. the a's beat the white sox
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after 10. same game length and different outcome. a three-run homerun off the new $30 million man. 4 and two/3 and a's inch their way back in. matsui with a base hit that scores cocoa crisp. and then a man on for kouzmanoff. his first of the year. oakland on top 5-4ment here it comes and there it goes. ramirez, the man who started it off for chicago and finishing against bobbie kramer. good night, game over and drive home safely. the second homer gifls the white sox -- gives the white sox the win. the rangers lost their best player. josh hamilton tagging up on a pop up and fracturing his arle with a head first slide. ill advised. he didn't want to go, but his third base coach said no one is covering the plate. the rangers mvp will miss six to eight weeks and he was out on the play. while the nfl owners and
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players continue their sparing in court during the lockout, the league is getting ready for the season. pre-season schedules was released. exact dates still not set, but the 49ers will kick off at some point against new orleans in the second week of august and then home against the raiders and texans and finishing up at san diego. the raiders open it up and all of this is assuming the lockout 1* lifted. >> what is the chance of that? is there any movement here? >> that much. it all depends on what the court rules and what the judge decides. it seems like she is leaning toward the players. i think they will get something done. we'll see. i am often wrong. >> that's true too. we thank you for weighing in. and we want you to know the bart station in rock ridge? oakland has now reopened and trains are a half hour delayed there. "nightline" is up next. i'm carolyn johnson for larry bill and sandhya patel. thank you for joining us and have a good night.
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